Mr. Montgomery
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R. Eric Montgomery

Founder & Owner I'm passionate about developing new technologies for making people look good and feel better about themselves Experimentation and continuous improvement until I'm satisfied with the result — that is what drives me.

Mr. Montgomery is a biochemist, innovator and inventor behind Smileactives®. He is the founder and owner of Oraceutical, a leading global professional and consumer dental products R&D and manufacturing company, and the exclusive manufacturer of Smileactives® products.

After training as a biochemist at Swarthmore College and Georgetown University, Mr. Montgomery began his career by engineering new cosmetic and dental solutions, many of which have transformed both the professional and consumer marketplaces. As one of the original founders of the mega-successful nail care company OPI Products and the developer of the original 1-hour light activated tooth whitening process for BriteSmile®, Mr. Montgomery holds over 90 cosmetic and dental patents.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Montgomery has worked to improve professional tooth whitening products and find innovative ways to adapt these technologies for home-use at affordable prices.

Mr. Montgomery and his wife share a love of animals, own several horses and reside in the Berkshire hills in Western Massachusetts. As an extension of this passion, Mr. Montgomery has collaborated with some of the world's leading veterinary companies to develop and improve dental solutions for animals.

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